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Exploring emotional education with Acting Out

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As well as our drama workshops and classes, we offer bespoke Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) workshops. Designed to provide a provide an engaging emotional education experience, we can explore topics ranging from anti-bullying and e-safety to mental health and healthy relationships. Lesson plans are tailored to pupils’ needs, abilities and age group, so do get in touch to find out more.

Here’s what some of our recent attendees have to say…

“I liked it because everyone got a part in playing a part when we were acting the anti-bullying play” Evie, age 10.

“ I liked it when you came in and did some acting because it was educational but really, really fun. I enjoyed being silly and funny.” Poppy, age 9.

“I liked the acting because you really got what it was like to be bullied and how victims feel. And it was fun.” Mabel, age 10.

“I really liked when we did the scene of the bullying and watching them. I am so looking forward to the next anti-bullying day.” Nico, age 9.

“The acting was really fun. I learnt a lot about bullying in the fun workshop.” Henry, aged 10.

“I enjoyed it lots as it was very fun and it taught me lots of things I didn’t know.” Dahir, age 9.

“I liked working as a team to make an anti-bullying play.” Lily, age 10.

“I really liked the workshop because it told me more about why we should not bully other people.” Tara, age 9.